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Aston Villa v Brighton (4pm)

Aston Villa v Brighton (4pm)

The calendar now offers a great opportunity to return to collecting points, i.e. the home test against the disastrous Norwich, bottom of the Premier League with only two points and the worst offensive and defensive data, i.e. 3 goals scored and 25 goals scored .


The odds offered for outcome 1 are not bad (best odds 1.60 on Snai), which consequently becomes the first gaming choice, while the ambitious alternative is based on multigoal 3-4 (best odds 2.55 on GoldBet ).

Chelsea-Burnley (4pm)

Lukaku’s Chelsea never stops winning, collecting their fourth consecutive success, a triumphal journey that puts the Blues in command of the Premier League with three points ahead of Liverpool and five over the duo formed by Manchester City and West Ham. This round shouldn’t be complicated for the Blues either considering the rather modest opponent on a technical level, that is a Burnley who find themselves in third from last place and who won their first championship match just last week against Brentford.


In my opinion, the odds proposed for the home multigoal 2-3 are very interesting (best odds 1.90 on GoldBet), while the second choice falls on the nogol outcome (best odds 1.55 on Snai).

Crystal Palace-Wolves (4pm)

Crystal Palace’s incredible performance in the previous round, a match that led to victory on the complicated Manchester City pitch, despite taking into account the expulsion of a Citizens player at the end of the first half and the goal disallowed by VAR in the second half which paved the way for the Eagles. This is the second success since the start of the tournament, which brought the hosts to +5 in the red zone.

Important moment for Wolves capable of winning four of the last five championship matches, quickly rising from a ranking situation that appeared not in line with the management’s expectations. Guests who find themselves in seventh place, with only four points less than the Champions League zone.


A rather uncertain match where I can’t find a favorite and therefore as the first game choice I propose the outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.36 on GoldBet). Alternatively, for the more demanding, outcome x (best odds 3.20 on Snai).

Brighton-Newcastle (6.30pm)

Brilliant performance from Brighton on the very difficult Anfield pitch, a match which ultimately saw the home team emerge with an unexpected draw against a Liverpool team in superlative form who were two goals ahead and had had their 3-0 annulled by VAR A remuneration therefore of great value which keeps the morale of a team seventh in the table on equal points with Wolves and ready to enter the noble areas of the Premier League.

Newcastle can do nothing against league leaders Chelsea, suffering their sixth defeat in ten days, but the other thing that causes concern is the lack of victories which forces the PIF fund team to remain in penultimate position, with a gap of six lengths from the safety zone.


Confidence in the hosts who appear capable of giving them all that is at stake and therefore first game choice regarding outcome 1 (best odds 1.62 on GoldBet). For those who aspire to better odds, here is the multigoal 2-3 (best odds 2.00 on Snai).

After the two previews on Tuesday evening, here is a rich program of matches concerning the midweek round, specifically the six matches on Wednesday evening, among which those relating to Chelsea’s away match at Ranieri’s Watford pitch, to that of Citizens on the Villans’ ground and above all at the classic Liverpool derby. So here is the analysis of the Premier League matches, with the usual predictions.

Southampton-Leicester (8.30pm)

Two defeats in a row for the Saints who are significantly closer to the relegation zone, in fact there are only five points that separate the hosts from the third last position, a context that requires a quick change of pace to avoid being heavily involved in the fight for salvation .

Dragged by the usual sniper Vardy, Leicester raised their heads against Ranieri’s Watford, defeated with a round 4-2, a result that allowed them to reach 18 points, -5 from the European positions. While the strikers’ scoring streak remains quite good, it is their defensive strength that raises the greatest concerns, with a haul of 23 goals conceded since the start of the tournament.


A match that could provide 90 extremely entertaining minutes and therefore the first choice of game relating to the goal outcome (best odds 1.57 on GoldBet), while those who aspire to profitable solutions can take into consideration the outcome x (best odds 3.50 on Snai), offered at a rate greater than tripling.

Watford-Chelsea (8.30pm)

Ranieri’s task is not an easy one as he must find the right continuity of performance for a Watford team that suffers tremendously when not in possession, as can be seen from the average of almost two goals conceded per game. Three defeats in the last four matchdays, with the pink bracket of the round success against Ronaldo’s United, for a ranking that sees the hosts at +4 on the relegation zone.

Chelsea, on the other hand, slowed down by drawing at home against the Red Devils, a result that allowed Liverpool and City to get significantly closer with gaps now reduced to a minimum, in fact only one point separates the Blues from the Citizens and two from the Reds.


It won’t be easy for Chelsea to emerge victorious from a treacherous pitch and therefore the first game tip concerns the classic 2-5 multigoal (best odds 1.30 on GoldBet). Alternatively, for the more demanding, the combobet 2+over 2.5 (best odds 1.95 on Snai).

West Ham-Brighton (8.30pm)

After an exciting ride, the hosts experienced two consecutive stops, the first against Wolves and the second at the Citizens’ ground, results which allowed Arsenal to move into fourth position and increase the gap from the top which is now seven lengths.

After a good start, Brighton experienced a long period of confusion, with eight consecutive days without the joy of success, for a ranking that sees the guests in eighth position, -5 from the European positions.


Outcome 1 should be tried without delay (best odds 1.90 on GoldBet), which is offered at a value close to doubling, while those who want to reduce risks can take multigoal 1-3 into consideration (best odds 1.43 on Snai).

Wolves-Burnley (8.30pm)

After beating West Ham the local team ran aground at Norwich with a goalless draw resulting from a lackluster performance, in fact the Canaries shot on 14 occasions compared to only 5 for Wolves. In the standings the home team now has a gap of three points from the Europa League zone.

A snowstorm causes the postponement of the match against Conte’s Tottenham and therefore Burnley enters this match rather rested and with a rather problematic ranking situation. Third-last place for the guests, shared with Norwich, with a three-point advantage over bottom-placed Newcastle, a situation which requires a quick change of pace so as not to see the gap from the safety zone increase.


The gaming solution relating to outcome 1 is very interesting (best odds 1.87 on Snai), which is offered at an excellent odds. As an alternative, here is the classic multigoal 2-5 (best odds 1.41 on GoldBet), which also has a high odds.

Aston Villa-Manchester City (9.15pm)

Two beautiful consecutive victories for the Villans capable of overcoming Crystal Palace and Brighton, six precious points that allow them to remain at +7 on the red zone of the Premier League. The local team has a very low tendency to split the stakes, with only one result in 13 matches played.

For Manchester City, three victories in a row against the Red Devils, Everton and the Hammers, a brilliant run that now allows them to get closer to league leaders Chelsea, who were stopped at a draw by Manchester United. In fact, only one point separates Guardiola’s team from Tuchel’s, while behind them the only team keeping pace is Liverpool, just one point away.


Extreme trust in a Manchester team in great mental and physical condition, therefore the first game suggestion relating to outcome 2 (best odds 1.35 on Snai), while the most demanding can take into consideration the outcome over 1.5 second time (best odds 1.82 on GoldBet).

Everton-Liverpool (9.15pm)

The Liverpool derby takes place which this season appears to be heavily unbalanced in favor of Klopp’s men, in fact it seems like a profoundly different season for the Reds who boast by far the best attack with a monstrous haul of 39 goals scored in 13 matches.

The Toffees are in a terrible crisis with a record of 2 draws and five defeats in the last seven matchdays, a trend that not only forces them to abandon ambitious goals, but now requires a serious look over their shoulders given the only six points from the relegation zone.


The first gaming tip concerns the simple outcome 2 (best odds 1.40 on Snai), which is offered at a more than generous odds considering the values ​​on the field. For those looking for more profitable choices, here is the goal outcome (best odds 1.72 on GoldBet).

While waiting for the classic Monday Night match, there is the first attempt to escape at the top of the Premier League rankings, with Chelsea taking advantage of the missteps of Liverpool and Manchester City. On this Monday evening, the hosts Wolves and Benitez’s Everton will compete. Let’s then move on to the presentation of the match, with the related prediction.

Wolves-Everton (9pm)

Wolves is starting to show important signs of reaction after a start to the tournament well below expectations, with a balance of three wins and a draw in the last month, a path that has allowed them to climb to eleventh position, moving away from the relegation zone. The calendar now offers an important challenge against an opponent in great difficulty, in fact the Toffees have suffered two home defeats, the first against the Hammers and the second against Ranieri’s Watford, a 2-5 which surprised everyone considering the value of a opponent who had to resort to a technical change to make a change in the ranking situation.

For Benitez, a match not to be missed in order not to lose contact with the European positions, in fact after years of anonymity the management is aiming for an important redemption to at least return to the Europa League.

In terms of head-to-head matches, a great balance has emerged in the last seven matches, with an overall balance of 3 wins for Everton, 2 for Wolves and 2 draws.


A game that is not easy to predict where in my opinion it is better to bet on the simple outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.36 on GoldBet), while those who aspire to better solutions can orient their choice on the combobet 12+multigoal 2-5 (best share 1.85 on Snai).

The spectacle of English football returns for all bettors who love to bet on these Premier League matches where the surprise is always around the corner, one of the fascinating aspects of football across the Channel. Saturday full of matches is expected, with eight matches scheduled, among which the lunchtime advance between Chelsea and Leicester and the late afternoon postponement between Liverpool and Arsenal stand out. So here are the analyzes and predictions of the individual races for you.

Leicester-Chelsea (1.30pm)

After the defeat suffered in the direct clash against Manchester City, four consecutive successes came for the Blues, who consolidated first place despite half a misstep in the previous round, in fact for Chelsea an unexpected home draw against Burnley arrived. Ranking in hand, the league leaders boast a three-point lead over the duo formed by Citizens and Hammers, four over Klopp’s Liverpool.

Leicester, on the other hand, is having a very inconsistent season, with only four successes and a twelfth place which was not foreseeable after the excellent last championship, a situation which severely complicates the plans for a European placement.


The lunchtime match often presents many pitfalls for bettors and in fact I prefer to recommend a goal outcome (best odds 1.80 on GoldBet), which is also very well priced. Instead, those who aspire to profitable solutions can take outcome x into consideration (best odds 3.60 on Snai).

Aston Villa v Brighton (4pm)

After the sensational victory at Old Trafford, the lights went out at Villans, with five consecutive knockouts which sent the hosts plummeting towards embarrassing positions in the standings, just two points away from the relegation zone. Now the calendar offers a rather complicated test against an opponent like Brighton who have lost only two games since the start of the tournament, despite a modest attack capable of scoring just 12 goals. Guests who are even in sixth position with the Red Devils, but unable to win in the last six days given that the last success dates back to September 19th, achieved against Leicester 2-1 at home.


The victory of Aston Villa is worth trying not only for statistical reasons, therefore first choice which falls on outcome 1 (best odds 2.50 on GoldBet), offered at a spatial odds higher than doubling. Those who don’t want to risk too much can keep the goal score in mind (best odds 1.75 on Snai).

Burnley v Crystal Palace (4pm)

Important moment of form for the home team Burnley who in the last three days allowed themselves to emerge with a draw from the fields of Southampton and especially Chelsea, overcoming the tough Brentford between the two matches. A path that allowed them to climb to third-to-last position, two points away from the safety zone.

The Eagles even come from two victories in a row obtained against Wolves and Manchester City, results which extend the number of days without defeat to six, with the last defeat suffered at Anfield on 18 September. Ranking in hand, the guests enjoy a comfortable tenth place which allows them to play in extreme serenity.


I believe that the home team can at least get a draw against an opponent with limited ambitions and therefore the first game tip relating to the 1x double chance (best odds 1.50 on GoldBet).

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